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Terence Angtuaco

I called Keith Carothers for help when we had a leak from our ceiling, thinking it came from the roof. It helped that they offer 24/7 service. He asked me a few questions and told me that it was unlikely coming from the roof and that I needed to check the AC instead. I appreciated his honesty in dealing with me. His assessment of the situation was also accurate as it did turn out right that it was the AC. A few weeks later, I called him back and asked him to help fix the ceiling that was damaged by the leak. There was one favor I needed from him though. I needed it done ASAP as we had a sick child and we had a very narrow window of time to get this done. We also needed him to exercise great care in keeping the house as clean as possible in order not to endanger our child’s health further. Keith was very accommodating and sensitive to our needs and got everything done as we had requested and in a timely fashion at that. He was also very fair with his charges for the services rendered. Premier Roofing under the leadership of Keith is truly a company you can trust. He is honest and he cares. He is very accessible and accommodating. I highly recommend Premier Roofing.

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