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It’s “buyer beware” when a homeowner contracts a home repair or re-roof.

The world is full of shady contractors who take shortcuts, use shoddy building practices or employ a Band-Aid approach to repair work, often leaving homeowners in dangerous situations or out a ton of money. Premier Roofing believes in doing a job right the first time. We are making it our mission to set the standards for the roofing industry and fix each project properly the first time.

Most of us today are conditioned to look for the lowest possible price. In most cases, this makes good economic sense. However, when it comes to Roofing services, the company offering the lowest prices is not necessarily going to deliver the best value, The Best Price.

​Here are a few good reasons why shopping around for the lowest-priced roofing company might not be the wisest use of your hard earned dollars:

  • Additional time (money) or the need for upfront costs
  • A sub or low paid employee not inspecting wood for dry rot or mold or covering up mold, water damage or overlooking problem areas by continuing the installation of a new roof or repair without care or concern for preexisting damage or health issues.

The less qualified installer leads to mistakes that require re-works & do overs, the time money and materials involved in re-doing the work of a less qualified installer could be prevented by Spending a little more money to have it done right the first time by a licensed contractor like Premier Roofing who is in this business to make a difference, set the standards for our industry and continuing to build our reputation.

Poor productivity – the amount of work a sub or low paid employee fails to complete (compared to a qualified individual) to offer you the lowest price, a roofing company may be forced to cut back on the quality and amount of service they provide. They may not be able to afford the same depth of service or are able to use top quality products. As a result, a lot of short cuts are taken and a very short warranty is given as well.

Because of simple supply and demand, Premier Roofing offers the very best products and services to our customers and will also give you an installation and end product by a team that’s more talented, skilled, reliable and experienced than the company that has a cheap estimate that has a team of “warm bodies” to fill their positions. Not getting the right person for the job can have very costly ramifications, For example a temporary or sub employee who is less than qualified for the position will most likely be the lowest price, Not the Best Price.
The bottom line is, many things in business are not worth risking. The quality of your home is set by the decision you make by what you pay for – skilled, reliable, hard-working and experienced people who truly fit your Roofing needs. Contact Premier Roofing for the Best Price Roof.